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    Info Quest Technologies is the first choice of international vendors for the distribution of their products, constituting the most important gateway for the dissemination of new ICT technologies in the Greek market. Our company invests in longterm partnerships, develops and offers specialized know-how, aims towards the continuous improvement of its operations, uses innovative services and models and is constantly evolving by following international trends, while being uniquely focused on creating value through its entire distribution chain, leading the market forward as well as providing every Greek business and consumer with quality products and solutions that help them improve.


    We value our suppliers!

    • We have 40 years of experience and a leading role in the market.
    • We are reliable and honor our partnerships.
    • We are focused on our goals.
    • We have longterm relationships with our customers.
    • We offer know-how and develop the market.
    • We have modern infrastructure, systems and logistics.
    • We are continuously investing in new business models, tools and technologies.


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